Oscar needs your help...

None of Oscar’s buddy programs or camps can continue without the generosity of his donors. You can help sponsor a buddy for a child that may otherwise feel alone, camp for a kid allowing the opportunity build relationships with others that have MS, or a sponsoring a family who may be just entering this journey feeling afraid not knowing where to turn to for support.

Oscar, also known as Oscar the MS Monkey, is a friend to all, but especially to those kids, teens, and kids-at-heart who live with MS. Mr Oscar Monkey is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), that advocates for and supports children diagnosed with MS and their families by raising awareness of pediatric Multiple Sclerosis.

It is the belief of all involved with Oscar the MS Monkey, that no person should ever have to pay for a friend or buddy. Therefore, all buddies are shipped to waiting arms, free of charge. Donations are accepted with joy and gratitude. Oscar the MS Monkey operates solely because of donations from individuals like you. Thank you!

Oscar and his staff have sent over 325 of his buddies to children, teens, and kids-at-heart.

Your donation helps to defray all costs of sending Oscar’s Buddies to deserving folks.

$25 is a suggested minimum donation which allows Oscar to send Buddies to kids around the world.
$100 will help a teen go to Oscar’s Teen MS camp for a day.
$500 for the whole week at Oscar’s Teen MS camp.
$1000 will sponsor a family of 4 for Buddy Bash.

Your donations make Oscar’s camps possible!

Oscar’s Buddy Bash for families and Oscar’s Teen MS camp for teens with MS are solely funded by your generous donations. Camps are provided at low or no cost thanks to our generous donors.

What do the care packages include?

A handwritten note from Oscar
An Oscar’s buddy
A small toy
MS Monkey Pins
A special token reminder
Reading material and resources for kids and parents

How can you help?

Please donate as you are able via the secure link above. All kids and teens should have a friend who understands and they should never have to pay to have a Buddy!