Shaznay’s Story

Hello :) My name is Shaznay and I would love to share a little bit about my MS story. So I am currently 17 and I was diagnosed with MS at 15. Before I was properly diagnosed I had three relapses of which occurred within 9 months. The first was pins and needles alongside with some numb feeling in the left side of my body. Then the second time I had balance and coordination problems also with dizziness. Then lastly my last relapse was a numb feeling on the right side of my face. MS will always be something I have in life but it will never define me. It may hinder a few things in life but it shall never over rule my decisions of living life positively. After being on Gilenya for about nearly 2 years, I have been living symptom free and finishing off my last year of highschool which is an achievement I am excited to make.

Shaznay’s monkey’s name is: Valerie