Kiana's Story

Kiana is 9th grader, who lives in New York. In April 2013, when she was 10 Kiana had double vision. An MRI showed a lesion on brain. Originally she was told she had a brain tumor. She was subsequently diagnosed with CIS (Clinically Isolated Syndrome) at high risk of developing MS and officially diagnosed with MS in November 2013.

Kiana has good and bad days. She takes several medicines for her MS. The first couple of years her physical symptoms from MS were relatively mild but in last few months, she has developed more severe symptoms - mainly migraines, body pains in her limbs, and fatigue. These are pains she has been living with on a daily basis.

She has always been an excellent student - for last two years, her GPA has been good. But it has been a struggle more recently; just getting to school because of the migraines and leg pains is difficult. She has missed more school in the past 3 months than she has missed from kindergarten to the first half of 8th grade. But she is still soaring and striving.

She has many interests. She loves animals and is a history buff. In April, Kiana enjoyed a tour of the White House tour was historic in so many ways. Kiana Is also an avid reader and violinist. In addition, she loves different types of music and movies.