Becca's Story

Becca was diagnosed at 9 years old. 2 years ago this past Easter break, she started complaining that her right arm was tired. At first it was very sporadic but then other signs started happening, like she fell off a swing at the playground because her right hand let go, and she fell out of the car from using her right hand to brace herself while climbing out. Then she stopped using it altogether and it just laid limp.

Her pediatrician thought it was more a behavioral issue. I knew it wasn't, that there was something wrong so I called her neurologist (Becca was already seeing a neuro sometimes because she has autism) and that neurologist ordered an MRI. It came back showing old and new lesions all over her brain, so we were referred to our local MS center. They did more tests, labs, a lumbar puncture and more MRIs. She had more lesions on those MRIs, and O bands in her spinal fluid. They diagnosed her with pediatric MS and she started treatment with Tecfidera, which appears to be working out well.

Because of her autism, communicating symptoms was difficult for her. Advocating and seeking help for herself is also difficult, though she has come such a long way in the past 2 years. Her anxiety was so severe, we couldn't even check her blood pressure 2 years ago. Now she's doing labs without batting an eye and MRIs without sedation, she's so brave. Her personality is so sweet, she's so sunny, happy, smiles easily and she's just downright goofy. lol She LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine and My Little Pony! She's also a very good artist!

Becca’s monkey’s name is: Wendy