Arleigh's Story

Arleigh was a normal little girl had a great childhood. At the age of two she started regressing.

She wouldn’t go down slides, or do the "kid" things that she used to. Her right eye began to wander, and she had trouble going up and down stairs. This went on for a few months as we thought it was just a kid thing.

One night, when putting Arleigh to bed I covered up her "good eye" and asked her what a few of her favorite animals were. She would just giggle and look away. I asked her again what a few of her favorite pieces of candy were and she again couldn’t tell me. At this point we realized she had gone completely blind in her right eye. That morning she also had tremors extremely bad, to the point she couldn’t bring a spoon to her mouth without spilling everywhere.

We took her to the hospital and they told us she had a walnut sized brain tumor on the very inner part of her brain and admitted her to the ICU to prepare for surgery. After another MRI and many doctors looking at Arleigh she was diagnosed with not a tumor but ADEM. We were told she would never have this again and she would go on and live a normal life. Not more than 6 months later she had another episode, this time the other eye making her completely blind. At this time she was diagnosed with MS at the age of 3.

Arleigh has been through numerous treatments including IVIG, PLEX, and Chemo. Arleigh is the happiest girl you will ever meet. She is just amazing. Nothing stops her.

She is currently in ballet and will be starting soccer in the fall. Arleigh is always smiling and never lets her MS get her down!

She is my hero.

Arleigh’s monkey’s name is: Mikayla